Rotary Repair

Service and Parts:  585-641-HAAS (4227)

Request for Return Authorization
Please complete all parts of the form (required items are red). You will be contacted with a confirmation number that must be attached to the indexer/rotary unit before it is shipped for repair.

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Product Identification
If you are not sending the control with the indexer/rotary unit, please provide the
Control Serial Number and an explanation.
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Motor Identification
Select the diagram that matches your Rotary Cable Connector.

Brushless Servo (AC)

Alarms and Reason for Repair
When the problem occurred, please describe the following:
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Purchase Order
You may upload a purchase order for the repair with this form, or send a purchase order with the unit. Please include the PO number, name, and contact information of the person authorizing the purchase order. The purchase order should be for an amount to be determined after the unit is received by HFO NYMAT.
Purchase Order Number
Fax: 585-248-3463
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HFO NYMAT will contact you upon completion of the repair to obtain a revised purchase order. If a purchase order is not received within 5 days of contact, the unit will move to stock and weekly stock charges will be added to the final invoice.
By submitting this request you agree to our payment terms of NET 30 Days.
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Rotary Repair

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Locating the Indexer/Rotary
Serial Number

HA5C: Stamped into the name plate or below the handle on the raised portion.

H5C/S5C: Located on the top between the spindle nose and the grease fitting.

HRT160/210/310/450/600: Lower left-hand corner of the front below the platter.

HRT7/9/11/SRT: On the top within one of the milled slots.

Shipping Address
Please ship the Rotary Unit and/or Control to the following address:

Haas Factory Outlet
Division of NYMAT Machine Tool Corporation
Rotary Repair
2650 Baird Road
Fairport, NY 14450

Phn: 585-641-HAAS (4227)
Fax: 585-248-3463